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Sprites/Concept by Not Your Sagittarius

the other mutants didn't believe chicken could slow down time. to prove her ability, she went to a nearby road to demonstrate. the other mutants watched as she stood in the middle of the road, waiting for a vehicle to get in the way. she was going to slow time, and dodge an incoming vehicle.

a large biker was heading her way. unfortunately she paid more attention to her sword than the road, and was run over. she couldn't dodge in time

now a ghost, chicken returns from the dead as a vengeful poltergeist, walking the wastelands, throwing weapons with great force from her spiritual rage!

Skin does not have a sit sprite for headless.
Recommend to have outlines off. /outlines

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TagsNuclear Throne Together, ntt-skin


ghost.zip 23 kB
ghost.7z 20 kB

Install instructions

  1. Install Nuclear Throne Together.
  2. Extract the zip into "mods" directory of the game directory.
  3. On character screen, press T, "/load ghost".