A downloadable mod

Have you ever thought, "All these mod developers don't have a chance to see their weapons shine thanks to horrendous meta. I want to enjoy my time with weapon packs!

This issue is solved by removing the cringe meta and letting modded weapons breathe.


  • Removes all vanilla weapons from the weapon pool.
  • Venuz Car is fixed automatically.
  • If a modded weapon cannot spawn, it will instead spawn an ammo chest.
  • Unloading the mod adds back the removed weapons.

Note: Starter and special spawn condition weapons are not removed.


wepbloatfix.mod.gml 777 bytes

Install instructions

  1. Install Nuclear Throne Together.
  2. Extract the file into "mods" directory of the game directory.
  3. On character screen, press T, "/loadmod wepbloatfix".
  4. For unloading the mod, press T, "/unloadmod wepbloatfix"